Stay Home Stay Safe

We might as well make the most of this weird time we are going through at the moment, and what best way to keep a positive mindset than trying new things? I couldn’t imagine just putting away my photography gear and let them get dusty until we can shoot outside again. No, this is not happening, let’s do some experimental photo-shoot instead. Now is the best time to get into still life photography and a bit of portrait (pretty limited there as only one model in the house!).

Stay Home Stairway
1/80 secs
ISO 400

This portrait was made as part of a confinement photo challenge organised by Loca Images on Instagram. I hand written “#stayhome” under one shoe and tried to figure out how to play with it. One of the few pictures with an okay result from that session was this one made from one floor below in our building stairway.

Stay Home Coffee with James
1/60 secs
ISO 400
Stay Home Coffee with Sherlock
1/60 secs
ISO 500

Still as part of the confinement Instagram photo challenge organised by Loca Images, here are two coffee/reading time pictures. This time, in order to match the theme, I added “#stayhome” as a cappuccino chocolate topping. Now you need to make a difficult choice and pick up your side, Sherlock Holmes or James Bond ?

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