French amateur photographer, Guillaume Descamps (GllmD_Photography) got his first DLSR camera in 2011 when he moved from Paris to London in order to share this adventure with friends and family.

My world through a camera Lens.

What was at the beginning only sharing a day to day routine soon switched to a way of artistic expression. With time Guillaume discovered all the possibilities a camera can bring and spent more and more of his spare time playing with the world around him through a camera lens. Not that he stopped taking memories pictures but now he sees the world in a different way, he enjoys playing with architecture and reflection but soon developed a keen interest in night long exposure.

Long Exposure is now a complete addiction. Creating light trails pictures fascinates him, there is so much magic, and excitement waiting the camera to process the pictures and getting on the screen something you can’t see with your own eyes.

Any constructive feedbacks are more than welcome.

All pictures are mine | All rights reserved.