Most of the website pictures in one place.

All below pictures, also some from my website articles and pretty much all my Instagram posts (@gllmd_photography) are available for sales. Different support, sizes and finish are available.

Printed on paper, Photo Rag finish, available in size 70x50cm with a 2 cm thick border. The border is black by default but any different colour can be requested. It can be framed too. Your picture will be signed, without watermark and numbered (up to 30 prints).

Printed on Aluminium, available in size 60x40cm. No border and it can’t be framed. Your picture will be without watermark, signed and numbered at the back (up to 30 prints).

Prices on request via the contact page.

Night Long Exposure

Either Light trails, spinning or just a way to capture some night lights or movement in general, here are most of my favourite night long exposure shots.

Splash Edit

Black and white picture with either a colour or a part of the picture kept in colour, red and yellow are probably the best colour for this kind of edit but let’s not stop at these two.


Having people staged on my pictures is not new to me but product staging is still experimental.