Chartres, France

As most of us, I guess, when I think about travelling, I see packing up, taking a plane and going to discover a new country. A country where I will meet people, meet a different culture, see cities and countryside completely different than what I usually see. The sanitary crisis we are facing at the moment is not allowing all this, but this is not a good enough reason to stop travelling, I decided to use my time off to visit my own country. This article and the few pictures going with it will bring you in Chartres.

A few hours away from Paris by train, this city is famous for its Cathedral and got a lovely pedestrian city centre. I got lucky to visit it while the Lumieres Festival was going on, nice opportunity to visit Chartres at night with lights show displayed on some of the main landmarks of the city.

Long Exposure Shot by the river with the Cathedral in the background while the Lumieres Festival is on. F/8.0 – 10 secs – ISO 640

Shot of the Grand Monarque Hotel with Christmas lights. F/4.2 – 1/30 secs – ISO 3200

Long Exposure Shot by the river with with some Lumieres Festival on. F/8.0 – 3 secs – ISO 640

Daylight city shots. Left F/6.3 – 1/160 secs – ISO 200. Right F/10.0 – 1-250 secs – ISO 320

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