Gurushots Exhibition

If you haven’t heard of Gurushots before and if you are yourself into photography then I highly advise you to go and check on their website as well as their smartphone application to understand what this is all about. It is such a cool way to promote your work and have fun taking part of photography challenges. Some of the open challenges are having an exhibition at the end of it, this can be in different countries physical galleries, in magazines or a partnership with a website.

A little while ago I joined the “people and place” challenge which was organised together with the Studio Galerie B&B in Paris to have an exhibition there at the end of the challenge. I am proud to say that one of my pictures was selected to be exposed and the exhibition in September 2020.

Here is the link to my Facebook event for more information:

Here is a summary of the Gurushots Challenge:

Gurushots exhibition in Paris

This is my selected picture for the exhibition:

Gurushots exhibition selected picture of mine
Imperial City of Hue (Vietnam)
ISO 250

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