Toulouse la Rose

Toulouse, 4th biggest populated city in France, has been nick-named « la ville rose » (the pink city) as most of the city was built with pinkish bricks. Unfortunately you won’t see much of it from my pictures as I mainly take pictures at night! I was there only for a couple of days, not long enough to plan some serious photo-shooting but more than enough for a few cliché shots. So here is a quick glance at this very nice city through my lens!

Spinning by the Fountains
1.60 secs
ISO 320

Cliché 1: Lights Trails Long Exposure. How could I resist a long exposure shot into the Pierre Goudouli garden of this Merry-go-Round next to a fountain? Here is what I came up with, pitch black but so colourful at the same time.

1/60 secs
ISO 720

Cliché 2: Sunset. No better time than sunset to play with lights and some famous landmarks. This the outcome of my meeting with Saint-Pierre bridge at that time of the day. I was even lucky to get the street lamps switched on!

Doubling Toulouse
1/20 secs
ISO 3200

Cliché 3: Water Reflection. Let’s go for another kind of cliché picture : Mirroring. Playing with reflection is very common but it is so satisfying when you come up with a good shot. Here is a river refection of “Pont Neuf”, lucky on this one to get a quiet river as well.

Scooter ride
1/250 secs
ISO 200

Cliché 4: Product Placement. An old city area, a stylish scooter and the morning light, all ingredients for a cliché picture reunited in front of me…

B&W Bridge
6 secs
ISO 320

Cliché 5: Black and White. As I got you through a few different cliché pictures (long exposure, sunset, reflection) we might as well end this series with a last one : black and white edit! I did not mean this picture to end in B&W when I took it but once on my screen, this old bridge was just calling for it!

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