Schmilblick Exhibition

Update: So December it will be! Due to the Sanitary crisis this group exhibition has been postponed a few times, but if all goes well in the next future we will be exhibiting at the Schmilblick Café from December the 1st of 2020 until January the 3rd of 2021 with a preview event on December the 5th. What a perfect way to move to the new year!

Here is the link to my Facebook event for more information:

It all started on January the 12th of 2019, when the Schmilblick Café in Montrouge (France) organised the first of a series of photography meeting with the presence of Luc Choquer, a French renowned photographer (go and have a look on his work, really worth it). A year later a group exhibition is about to take place…

Here is a first version of the exhibition poster

A theme was brought by Luc, “Saisir le hasard” meaning capturing the fortuity of a moment, even though it can be somehow organised, for example you could choose a background and wait for anything of interest to happen which was fine by me as this is my speciality with night long exposure. I would settle my tripod with a monument, a street or anything else in the background where I have a feeling of a good capture will result from, and then I would wait for any kind of light movements.

That series of meeting was organised as workshops in a way that we introduce the group at each session with a few of our pictures for Luc and others to review. Soon we were asked to keep a coherence between all pictures brought to a workshop.

Then on the last workshop before the actual exhibition a few pictures of each member were selected by Luc in order to get, with all of them put together, enough material for the exhibition in April.

My selected pictures are now printed and ready

We decided to print on Epson A3 paper and the Bagneux Photo club offered to help with the task allowing us to use their printers. Regarding my selection, Luc choose the four above pictures. All four being long exposure pictures, from left to right, top to bottom, entrance of the imperial city (Hue, Vietnam), a Merry-go-Round (Paris, France), a girl seated under Saint-Michel bridge (Paris, France) and a man on his phone at South Kensington underground station (London, UK).

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