The London Photo show 2019

For the first time since I started with Photography I decided to take part of an exhibition and where better to do it that in the city where it all started for me with a camera ? London, at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf. What a fantastic experience, as well as sharing my pictures with the public and get precious feedbacks, but also to discuss other’s work. Great inspiration overall.

Here are my 5 selected pictures for the show, 5 long exposure in different part of the world. Top to bottom and left first you will see a shot in West Kensington Station and one of the Eiffel Tower. Then on the right side, a shot of the Imperial City of Hue in Vietnam, then St Paul’s Cathedral and Paris Town Hall.
Here is an insight of the preview event.
View of the entrance room.
Another room in the building.
The London Photo Show advertisement.
Coffee time.
Let’s write some notes during the trip back home so we have the next exhibition even better.

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